We’re very excited to be offering St Austell Brewery’s Small Batch Brews at the Volley. The first beer on offer is Cashmere, a Super Pale Ale which is the colour of straw, smells a bit like pineapple and bubblegum, and has the flavours of grapefruit, lemon zest and melon. Well, that’s what they tell us, but why not give it a try and see what you think.

The microbrewery delivers up to 3,000 pints at any one time and allows the brewery’s team of highly skilled and innovative brewers to experiment with new flavours and new beer styles.

The Small Batch Brewery will be producing a wide range of beers, from Belgian beer to Eden Project-inspired pints, offering a range of new and interesting brews, delivering more choice for beer lovers.

There are well over 100 varieties of hops to choose from worldwide all offering different flavours and you lucky Volunteer customers will get to try them all!

You can watch a video about the Small Batch Brew here.

You can also give feedback and be in with the chance of winning mixed cases of the brewery’s World Bottled Beer Series. Enter here!

Cashmere Small Batch Brew

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