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  1. Rusty Pig at the Volly – 80s night!

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    Friday June 16th: Rusty Pig at the Volunteer Inn 80s Style!

    1980’s pub grub at 1980’s prices

    6pm to 9pm

    • Prawn cocktail                            4.95
    • Vindaloo popcorn                       1.95
    • Chicken in a basket                    8.95
    • Chips & curry sauce                   2.95
    • Sausage & mash                         8.50
    • Pork pie & mustard                    4.95
    • Tiramisu                                       4.95

    1980’s dress code (wear your leg warmers with pride!)

    Call to book, or ask a member of staff.

    chicken in a basket




    Not THAT kind of chicken in a basket.