Tim’s Tapas Tasty treats and summer eats….

“Locally sourced, freshly produced and simply served this collection of small plates is perfect for laid back dining. Simply choose a few dishes to share, or order as you go”

£4.00 per dish.

Otter Valley organic chicken croquette – fried, and served with a little spicy mayo

Marinated anchovies “Bagnet vert” – herbs, bread and oil combined to make a pesto like paste

Broad bean hummus, sourdough toast – a different angle to a familiar dish

Lyme bay mackerel fillet “Escabeche” – spiced, cooked then pickled with onions and herbs

Free range pork “Pinchos” kebab – paprika marinated pork kebab, cool yoghurt sauce

Courgette, mint and hard goats cheese – served with herby breadcrumbs

Sides: £2.50 each

Freshly made flat bread, garlic oil, Trill farm organic salad leaf

Sweet : £4.00 each

Marinated local strawberries, geranium cream

Gooseberry sorbet

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